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On this website

How to get started with your own Test Automation solution

A complete description that will allow anyone to get their test automation running. This tutorial includes:

  • Installing the software
  • Writing your test cases
  • Convert your test cases to scripts
  • Running your TA library

You can access the tutorial shortcut from the left sidebar

Everything about Lapis Lazuli, the engine behind web test automation

A full information base about all possible functions and usages of Lapis Lazuli, making it as easy as possible for you to start scripting.

Calliope, run your automation solution scheduled online

spriteCloud Calliope provides a well-managed and robust framework for executing automated test suites and harnessing the results for professional decision making. Calliope lets your Cucumber test suites tell their full stories.

About our solution

We have chose to use a combination of the following software to automate test scripts:

  • Ruby
    • An open source console based programming tool.
  • Cucumber
    • A tool to easily run your scripts from a server, allowing the [Gherkin] script language.
  • Lapis Lazuli
    • An extension on top of Selenium Webdriver, with improvements on usability and forced best practices.
  • Calliope
    • An online tool to run your automated scripts and share the results with anyone involved on the project.

After research the list above is the easiest, cheapest and most user friendly solution.

This Test Automation Wiki includes...